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New Square LED Wall Washer(36pcs LED)

Product Name and Part Number



WW-I-9008---36-LED, single 2W, Pure White, AC100-240V

WW-I-9009---36-LED, single 2W, RGB, AC100-240V

Product Description


Hight power led is used as the light source, the round flood light has many advantages, for instance, new form, low power consumption, long lifespan (about 50,000 hours), anti-shock, high reliability, environment friendly, soft colors, high luminance, etc.

Single color flood light:


Pure white, warm white, red, green, blue, viewing angle 50°.



RGB flood light:


Beam angle 60°, With inside 13 kinds of effect, connect exterior control box or exterior console for different options so that can control all units together or some sections separately. Red, Green, Blue, Jumping changing, gradual changing, flash changing and other effects of fourteen kinds. With digital display window and adjusted buttons, it is easy for customers to adjust different programs.

Technical parameters

Dimension diagram

36-LED Round flood light

36LED flood light(pure white) luminous intensity diagram

Diagram for installation and connection


1. High voltage, single color, round flood light, can be lighted up with power on, each lamp with input high-voltage electric alone.


2. The connection way of high voltage RGB, round flood light



1. Please consider about "the working condition", the lamp can not be put in water for long time

2. Each RGB flood light takes up 3 DMX addresses, the first flood light's address plus 3 is the address for the second one.

3. If you want all connected flood lights to change colors together, you should set the same address for all the flood lights.

4. Please set the address from 001 to 512.

5. The maximum address should be less than 510.

6. There should be only one main flood light as a master (the flood light works in main control mode, control box or control console).

7. When many single row flood lights connected together, the connections please refer to the connection diagram.

8. The connection cable between two controllers, or between console and signal amplifiers. It can't exceed 100m; The distance between the first signals amplifier or console and the last flood light can't exceed 100m.


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