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5 Module LED Street Light

Item Name and Part NO.:


SL-I-2140---70PCS  LUMI LED, Pure White, Input Voltage: AC90-277V

SL-I-3080---80PCS  SMALITE LED, Pure White, Input Voltage: AC90-277V

Product Introduction


Our new LED Street light  uses a unique individual modular design, the protection class for single module is IP65, build-in high power LED module, PC Cover with optical lens is made of optical PC material, good heat dissipation, low power consumption, long lifespan, impact resistance, high reliability, energy saving, high brightness and pure color rendition.


Average life expectancy of LED can reach 50,000 hours.


Beam angle for entire lamp: 160°*85°, it's compliance with road lighting requirements.



The product has IP65 rating and the working temperature is -20℃~45℃, it can adapt to various ranges of temperature and humidity, can be widely used on urban expressway, main road and branch road,etc.

Technical Parameters:

Dimension diagram

Angle A between Lamp arm and lamp head: 6°~30°

1. Release the screw nut of the M12*130 and M8*130, and then remove the M8*130 screw, and then turn the arm to the needed angle, let M8*130 screw penetrate the corresponding through-hole, at the same time, the scale of the light arm will align at the scale of the lamp body.


2. M12*130 screw penetrates central hole and tightens screw nut of M12 and M8.


3. When adjusted to a certain angle, there is only one hole that will be free-flowing on the arm and light body.

Installation and connection


Each Lamp should get AC 90-277V input individually.

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