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Commercial Lighting

CL68 Series LED Ceiling light(electrophoresis white)

1)   Light source


High Power SMD3030 LED. Low thermal resistance,pure color with consistent color  temperature,High lighting efficiency,


2)    Radiator


 With AL6063High thermal conductivity aluminum,thermal conductivity >200W/m.k;


3)   Shell


Shell material is AL1070 pure aluminum with high precision lathe processing,sand blasting,surface drawing,high polished,anodizing for your choose;


4)    Light distribution


Lens with professional engineer design, material by high transmission PMMA,exact small angle of light and uniformity are important in accent lighting effect,surface of lens with quadrille and glass bead design make light soft .


5)    Power supply


The external power supply,isolated with lamps ,improve lifespan of power supply and lamps,constant current drive ,Current range of small, high conversion efficiency,luminous efficiency is much better ;

Technical Parameters


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