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Double-row LED strip

Product Information

3528 Double row non-waterproof LED flexible strip


We use the latest FPC production process, which makes brightness double. The PCB board is made of high quality material which can bear high temperature; the lighting color is equal and colorful; the products make 12 led as a unit and you can cut into different lengths. The back of products use 3 M sticky tape, Ultra-thin designs and low power supply madk installation and operation more convenient. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration, signs or backlights, etc.



Please do not connect power supply when the light is still in box.

Please do not connect high voltage before the installation, and make sure that the fixture connects to ground.

Change the lamp at once if it is broken.



1. The products are with 3M sticky tape at back, so the surface of installation should be clean.

2. If you want to install on surface of curved products, please avoid electrical component at curved surface and the angle should be <90°.

3. Please don’t install on sharp and rough surface.

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