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G45 Ceramic LED bulb

Products Information:


◆Adopt SMD2835 LED as light source,pure light color, good consistent CCT, Luminous efficiency up to 80lm/W,energy efficient;


◆High quality ceramic as the body,large heat radiation area,better heat dissipation effect,the temperature of light body is below 60 degree;


◆High reliability;


◆Long lifespan≥30000 hours,10 times more than traditional incandescentlamp’s;


◆Low Light decay,  3 ‰ for 1000 hours normal working;


◆Green and environment-friendly, no mercury, no UV radiation;


◆Fast starting, no flicker,constant current output,ripple is small,with eye protection function;


◆Advantages: better heat dissipation, more simple appearance than the normal LED lamp.


◆Application: It mainly replaces traditional incandescent lamps and can be used in showrooms, art exhibition, hotel, home and other indoor lighting.

Light distribution curve:

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