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SMD5730 2LED Injection Waterproof Module






1. The dimension of the wire is based on the following conditions:

    The possible maximum current

    Power Consumption

    Length of wire(Max: 5 meters)

    The loss of Low-voltage transmission

2. The maximum connecting quantity: 20pcs.

3. Outlet of the module should be treated with good waterproofing.

4. Static touching / static working are prohibited.

5. Recommend the use of switching power supply (with a short-circuit overvoltage, overload and past the Safety certification).

6. Collision, Extruding and over buckling are prohibited.

7. The installation place should be flat, clean and dry.

8. During the transportation, they should not  be exposed to the rain and technical vibration.

9. The working environment of the power supply and control must be in a good ventilation and dry air.

10. Generally, the switching power supply should only used 80-90% of the power

11. Please make sure gray wire connects to the anode, white wire connects to the negative.

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