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Technical data:

0.6m SMD3528

0.6m SMD5050

1.2mSMD 3528 330pcs

1.2mSMD 5050 120pcs

1.5mSMD3528 390LED

1.2mSMD 5050 90LED

Features of Our LED T8 Tube Lights:

1. Nice appearance. Two pins at two ends are completely together with the light body.

2. Super stable: built-in 100-240V isolate driver, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, overload protection and reflow soldering etc.

3. Super safe: ETL standard approved, beard 4000V high voltage shock

4. High brightness: high bright SMD5050 & SMD3528 as light source

5. Power Factor: >0.95

6. Low harmonious wave: Harmonious wave is less than 15%

7. Energy saving: constant current, low power consumption, electronic power near 100%

8. Delay Star-up: delay star-up for 1 second, no impulse current to LED, longer lifetime

9. 6063 oxidized aluminum housing gives out heat effectively.

10. High transparent stripe PC cover solves LED glare issue.

11. Environment-friendly: NO UV, NO radiates infra-Red light, NO mercury

12. Long lifetime: life time 50,000-80,000 hrs, 10 times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes

13. Easy installation: install LED tube lights directly, work with 100-240v wide voltage.

Product installation

a) Inductance holder


1. Turn off the power

2. Take off the original tube

3. Take off the starter

4. Install the LED tube light

b) Electronic holder:


1. Turn off the power

2. Take off the original tube

3. Take off electronic ballast, connect as below shows

4. Install the LED tube light

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